Affordable Housing Network of Santa Clara County

Everyone has a right to housing

All About AHN

Welcome to the NEW Affordable Housing Network site, with latest news and stories in this section of our blog and information in the left-hand column.

The Affordable Housing Network’s purpose is to preserve and expand the supply of housing affordable to low-income people in our country through a program of education, empowerment, coordination, and support.   Founded in 1987, AHN members include grassroots individuals and community organizations fighting to expand the supply of very low- and extremely low-income households.

We educate and organize the general public and public officials about the need for affordable housing, its true face today, and opportunities and strategies for providing such housing. The Network also seeks to empower low-income people to advocate effectively for their housing needs, and supports public and private efforts, especially those of non-profit developers to meet those needs.

The Network is a 501 ( c )(3) corporation; contributions are tax-deductible.

Contact us at <> .

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