Affordable Housing Network of Santa Clara County

Everyone has a right to housing


CHAM Deliverance Ministry invites you to join them in a March to Heal the Valley this fall from one side of Silicon Valley to the other. They plan a pilgrimage of several days from the working class streets of East San Jose to the leafy corporate campuses of the North County. Their goal is to search along the way for the true soul of Silicon Valley.

Silicon Valley has long and rightly been heralded as a world-class center for innovation. More than anywhere in the country, however, it has also come to symbolize the glaring polarization of wealth that is destroying America. The March to Heal the Valley will crisscross the diverse neighborhoods and gather the unemployed, the people with little or no health care, the disenfranchised, the foreclosed, the underpaid, and all the wonderful people of conscience that live among us right here in our communities. Together they will march to the gates of the wealthiest corporations in the world to see who will join their campaign for a compassionate economy.

Today’s inequality of wealth is not an act of God. We have introduced technology into an antiquated economic system without fully thinking through the consequences. We have wired ourselves together in a seamless digital network, but many people pursue self-interest without concern for the welfare of our sisters and brothers who live next door to us. But we can change this.

The organizers of this march are not looking for charity, they are looking to start a dialogue about what can be done to end this desperate poverty amid a valley that has so much to give; they want justice, democracy, and freedom.  True freedom is not a license for any one to trample on the rights of others. It is the opportunity to build a healthy, inclusive society where we can all lead joyful and meaningful lives.

Walk with CHAM this October 7 to 11, 2013. They will call on some of the corporations of Silicon Valley to contribute annually to the appropriate local or national agencies in one or more of the following ways:

◦              Be part of the solution. Identify what each can contribute of the billions of dollars and resources necessary to fund the housing, employment, health care, and education needed to end poverty.

◦              Contribute the $4 billion estimated in the 2007 LISC study as necessary to end the affordable housing crisis in Silicon Valley.

◦              Donate the approximately $140 million needed to immediately house all of Santa Clara County’s over 7000 homeless.

◦              Give $21 million to offset the impact of the Federal sequester on the Housing Authority of the County of Santa Clara.

◦              Guarantee good jobs and benefits for all security and service workers connected with Silicon Valley’s leading industries.

◦              Contribute to a think tank dedicated to ending poverty in America.

◦              Spend a month in the shoes of Santa Clara County’s poor. Volunteer to spend a month living on the $147 general assistance grant.

◦              March with us. Spend a night out with the homeless when we sleep over in the course of our march.

◦              Support the establishment of a Faith Center to serve Silicon Valley’s homeless and organize them to secure justice for the poor.


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