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More Help on Way for Housing? SB 391 in Assembly

MORE GREAT NEWS! It’s official — The California Homes and Jobs Act has been approved by the State Senate and has moved to the Assembly.   SB 391 would add a $75 fee for recording real estate transactions and use that money to fund low-income housing.  This bill is widely supported and has a good chance of passing and being signed into law.

The bill is expected to be heard by the Assembly Appropriations Committee soon, perhaps as early as August 30th.  When it passes this committee it will then go on to the full Assembly for a vote.  The passage of this bill will be the first significant victory of affordable housing advocates for a long time.

But please, do not just assume it will happen.  Take action to make sure it passes! Ask the Assembly Members to Vote YES on the bill.  Visit the California Homes and Jobs Act Action Center to send letters to the Speaker of the Assembly and select members of the Appropriations committee.

Please, contact your State Assembly member and ask him or her to support this bill.

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